Stop Learning. Start Doing.

Whenever I want to learn something new, I start with a trip to the library. And I Google up a storm. And I read blogs. And eventually get overwhelmed with what one professor called analysis paralysis.

I have done the same with my career, two degrees and one certificate later and I’m as lost as ever. But eventually, you have to stop learning and start doing. Teach yourself.

It’s easy for us to feel like we’re falling behind, because everything’s moving so fast. There’s always new stuff to learn. There’s always an article you must read. There’s always a conference you just can’t miss.Chris Shifflet

12365 Stop Learning. Start Doing.

You can only learn so much from someone else and their experiences. Being exposed to the hundred’s of successes and failures that media and the internet gives access doesn’t help me get a job, start a business, or live my life. Only trial, error, and more trial will do that.

I had to practice and do poorly. I had to read difficult material and stay with it, and talk to others, and slowly understand. - Anne Lamott

This website is the result of trial and error. The third attempt at starting a web business. I thought I knew it all before I started but the first attempt fizzled. I have learned so much along the way and look back at those initial posts and cringe. Everyone says that and it’s true. The only way to get far away from that embarassing beginning is keep going. In fact, a year from now this may be one of those posts.

You have to fight the guitar … 

And you have to win. - Jack White in It Might Get Loud via copyblogger

But that’s why I’m here practicing what’s hard. To win the life I want and the job I want. The way to get it is stop looking for more information and start creating, stop waiting to be picked and grant myself permission to get out there. Not trying, doing.
What will you do to get the life you want?

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